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Reface App: Download for Android and iOS Device

The first swap video app is now available on the play store, create realistic videos and gifs using your face, the app is quite amazing because of its cool and amazing features,10M downloads, having 4.7rating………..

Reface App

The reface app is developed by the ML technology and offered by the NEOCORTEXT, INC the app is designed completely for the fun purpose you can make videos by using your face, as the app scans your face completely and ask you for permission for allowing the app to access your gallery. The app is also available on the play store. The app has about 10 M downloads and 4.7 ratings on the play store. The app was offered by the NEOCORTEXT, INC on 23 Dec 2019, and was last updated on July 31.

REFACE APP: Ex-Doublicat FACE SWAP App. # 1 Face Swap App. How to ...

Many people are confused about the duplicate and the reface app, let me clear this duplicate is now REFACE app, announces in the Google and the apple store. The app is now officially known as the REFACE: face swap and videos and the duplicate URL also redirect directly to the Reface URL.

Now let’s talk about the features of the app why peoples are going crazy for this app in a short time of period the app is also mentioned in Forbes, Mashable, TNW, Digital Trends.

The app has several videos that come on the home page in which some are saved while others come on trending and changes at regular an interval of time. The first the app scans your face completely, your face cut, your eyes, your chin, nose all the facial features then the face is registered so that if you open the app next time, then it will be easy for you, you don’t need to register your face again and again.

Reface app play store

The app is available on the play store as well on the Apple stores.

  • Version-1.0.24
  • Updated on
  • Downloads-10M
  • Download size- 15.03mb
  • In-app purchase – 250-2,600 per item.
  • Offered by- NEOCORTEXT, INC
  • Released on-23 Dec 2019


Reface app features

  • The app allows you to take pictures as well, the same way you do on Instagram or other beauty apps.
  • The app has some stored voices on which you can add your face from your photo library.
  • Also provides a built-in audition function uses tp playback the preset phases on your connected reface keyboard.
  • The facial feature data is saved on their servers so that next time when you open the app, then it will be easy for you to make videos without registering your face again and again.
  • They also state that they only collect the facial features data, not the biometric data.
  • As other apps reface does not require a three dimensional model of the face it needs a simple selfie of yours which is also a good feature of this app.
  • It also offers you a premium tier where the advertising revenue is less than 10 per cent as compared to all revenue.
  • The premium version allows you to make a gif, videos, choose a face from the photo library and download the resultant product without having any kind of watermark or adverts.
  • The most important thing about this app is that it does not use your data for ads, the privacy of the users are on top for the reface app developers, so the users need not worry about their privacy on this app.
  • Thus the above we have discussed all the features of the reface app, I m sure you are impressed with all of these amazing features of this app, if you have any queries then you are free to ask in our comment the section we will respond as soon as possible.

How to use the reface app

  1. Open up the play store or the apple store the app is available for both the android as well for its users.
  2. At the top of the play store, you will find a search box
  3. Click on the search box
  4. After clicking the search box, the keyboard will appear type reface app
  5. Then tap on the search button, here we go
  6. The play store will show you the number of results for the refaces app but you have to choose the original one, worry about how to know the original one, no worries here is the link of the app along with the picture so you can easily download the app.


Top used apps in India.

Android beauty camera apps spying

Like Instagram, Facebook is flooded with several filters not only on these apps play the store has several apps which are used by many people to enhance their pictures and post. So we have collected some app from our sources which are used by the Indian peoples available for both the android and ios.

Here are the top used app for the  photophilic peoples in India

  • Retrica
  • Beauty plus
  • Facetune 2
  • Camera 360
  • YouCam fun
  • Snapchat
  • Bestie
  • B612
  • Sweet snap

Comment down which app you use and suggest another app which suits best in this list………….

Final verdict

In the above article, we have discussed the reface the app, all its features, pros cons, myths about privacy everything we have covered in this article, we have also provided the link of the app from where you can use the app and enjoy its features.

Hope you guys love this article, if yes then let us know


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