New Adhaar App
New Adhaar App: with new features and user friendly services

Unbelievable Features and User Friendly Services on New Adhaar App

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has as of late propelled another update to its mAadhaar App for iOS and Android users. This new update empowers all the Aadhar cardholders to get to their Aadhar ID subtleties on a solitary window for all Aadhar related online service on their cell phones. UIDAI, in a tweet, stated, “Uninstall any beforehand installed variants of the mAadhaar App from your portable. 

The refreshed versatile App makes it simpler for cardholders to carry their 12-digit unique character number in a computerized structure. The new App provides significant individual data like – Name, Gender, Photograph, Date of Birth and Address on a cell phone and is accessible for download on both Android’s App Store and IOS’ Play Store. 

Moreover, the service is additionally promising the use of this computerized mAadhaar App for profiting all Aadhaar-based service vices. With the recently refreshed App, Aadhaar cardholders can without much of a stretch bolt or open their biometrics ID service vices whenever. Besides, the App can likewise be used for getting the OTP legitimately from the App. Be that as it may, the OTP might be legitimate for 30 seconds. 

New Adhaar App
New Adhaar App

The new mAadhar, after the most recent update, has highlights like sharing Aadhar subtleties with the others. Users can likewise get another Aadhar card legitimately from the App and check Aadhar’s confirmation history. The new mAadhar App shares your Aadhar subtleties through a QR code (virtual ID), which is created temporarily. Also, to get another Aadhar card printed from the mAadhar App, under the ‘Request Aadhar Print’ alternative, one needs to provide required Aadhar subtleties for the confirmation process and make an installment. The new Aadhar card will be conveyed to the user’s location.

Highlights which is necessary to know

  • You can download the mAdhaar app in android and ios both.
  • Supporting 12 regional languages. 
  • Three accounts registered with the same mobile number can be controlled from a single device.
  • No more waiting on the queue, all updation and status checking in one app.
  • No need to carry a hard copy all the time during travel in a reserved class of Indian railway. 
  • Lock unlocks your biometric authentication on your wish and stays away from any trouble.
  • mAdhaar app has two major sections (i) Adhaar Services Dashboard, (ii) My Adhaar Section.
  • Users can search their nearby enrollment centers for any enrolling process in this app.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has brought a new adhaar app, which is the mAdhaar app, it has user-friendly new features. This app is the revision form of their old app. The new featured app needs an internet connection to run and download. This app doesn’t work offline. mAdhaar app supports android and ios both devices. In google play store it comes with the weighs of 51 MB and in the Apple store, it comes with weighs of 34.9 MB. UIDAI has asked to all online adhaar users to uninstall previous version of adhaar app and re-download the new version to get all renovated benefits, which have been modified in the new app. It is a completely more secure version than the previous one. 

 Multi-language supportive  

For users convenience in all over India, the new mAdhaar app is supporting 12 Regional languages with the English language, the supported languages are Hindi, Bengali, Odiya, Assamese, Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi,  Gujrati, Punjabi, and Urdu. This facility is useful for those users to like to operate their mobile device in own language. 

Free from carrying hard copy card and high safety 

The new mAdhaar app can be used at the place of the original adhaar card. You no need to carry a hardcopy of your original adhaar card, if you travel or somewhere need to show your identity proof. You can lock your biometric authentication for a temporarily period if you want, it can free you from any tension of misusing your adhaar information. You can again unlock it when you want. Users can download and print own adhaar from the new mAdhaar app if required. 

Easy to update for users convenience

The new app has come with some extra features, which are definitely convenient for every user and people no need to stay in the queue for adhaar updation. Features are like eKYC update, retrieve their UID/EID, QR code scan and show, email verification and updates, also you can ask address validation letter using this app to make any changes in the registered address. Users can check the status of their changes and modifications and any other requests all in the mAdhaar app. 

Multi adhaar cards in one device

The new app is user-friendly, and if someone doesn’t have a personal mobile number linked with adhaar, they can still get benefits of mAdhaar app. It is common that kids and aged persons of the house do not carry and use a personal mobile number, so their adhaar also will be controlled from single device from now. One mandatory factor is all adhaar are registered with a single mobile number,  and that number is present in that device. Facilities all are the same for every adhaar holder in the new mAdhaar apo. Remember the maximum three profiles you can register in one device. For personalized adhaar service, the user needs to register in the new mAdhaar app and create the profile. 

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