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how Gmail services affect our personal life?

Know how Gmail services affect our personal and professional life

Gmail services is the most usable in these days for office and personal use. The easy and user-friendly features of Gmail have made our communication with each other better and faster. No doubt the features and reputation of Gmail are better than another webmail service nowadays. Last 15 years Google has been innovating in its mail features many times. There are many hidden facilities, which we are not aware yet, Let us bring those features in front of you, and this would be needful to you for sure.


  • Mail Undo Tips
  • Self-Destruction of mail
  • Schedule mail feature
  • Smart compose feature

Undo your mail gives us                      correction chance

Mail Undo is the feature that can save you from any mistake like, sending a wrong mail, sent to the wrong recipient. It is a facility Gmail provides, which you can use up to 30 seconds after sending the mail. Undo mail will be automatically deleted from the recipient’s inbox. To avail, this service goes to the settings option of your Gmail, and open general option, scroll down and set you’re undo timing up to 30 seconds. This feature is available on the Gmail mobile app 8.7 version now.

Self-destruction mode

This feature Gmail has brought for self-destruction of the mail after some time. It is like when you upload a story on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., and it gets deleted by itself after a certain time which is 24 hours. In the case of self-destruction mail, you can set an expiry timing of your mail between 1 day and 5 years. After the period the mail will be removed automatically from the recipient’s inbox. To get this setting after composing mail you will see a tiny lock with a clock icon at the bottom. You can select the time of your choice for self-destruction of the mail there.

To make more secure and confidential your mail, Gmail has brought another feature. Gmail passcode options, where any unauthorized person cannot open read and forward your mail to another person. During opening the mail by the recipient, one passcode would be needed, which passcode you set during sending that mail. To get this feature go to Gmail and compose your mail, after composing you will see a tiny lock with a clock icon, open that and choose the option “Confirm by SMS Passcode”. One phone number will be asked, give your recipient’s phone number where the passcode will be sent. During opening the mail recipient need to enter the same passcode to get access. It has been made to prevent unauthorized access. 

The recipient won’t forward, copy, download and print this mail. You can remove this access after sending the mail. You need to go the “Sent” folder of your Gmail, and then open the confidential mail which you sent and selecting “Remove Access”.

Schedule Mail is also possible with Gmail

The schedule Email feature is the most helpful feature for those users, who use Gmail as official mail. Sometimes we may have to send a mail on next day, but we can be on leave that day, sometimes we live in different time zone, and need to remind someone about the event, in these cases schedule email feature helps us to stay tension free. Previously we had to go through a third-party add-on to avail this facility, now Gmail has implemented schedule Email feature in their webmail service, which is very easy for users.

To avail schedule Email feature in desktop, you need to compose your mail, and then click on the drop-down option next to the send button. You can schedule your mail as per your choice through pop-up calendar and time. You can do the same on your mobile app. After composing your mail you will see a three-dot option on the top right of your mobile Gmail app, touch on there to open schedule mail option.  You can cancel your scheduled email at any time. There will be a schedule mail folder, after open that you can easily stop your mail from being sent, and the message will be moved to the Draft folder.

Gmail smart compose feature

Smart compose feature you can use for your better and faster writing. This feature is giving you auto-suggest words phrases facility. After type, a word Gmail will suggest your next appropriate word for your mail. To access this feature you need to open the setting option of your Gmail. Go to the general section and scroll down to smart compose, choose “Writing Suggestions on” option to activate this feature.

If you do not like the feature or if it makes you uncomfortable to type the mail, you can deactivate it anytime. Follow the same steps given above, and select “Writing Suggestions off”, smart compose feature of your mail will be deactivated.

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